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Water Free

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Maintenance Free

FlowerBox uses a proprietary technique to replace sap with natural preservatives that maintain plants’ flexibility and natural color for many years.

Water Free

Our preserved plants are sensitive to humidity. They love being indoors, but please keep them away from places that collect condensation, like bathrooms.

Light Free

You can place your FlowerBox creation wherever it fits best. For optimum longevity, avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Soil Free

Our preserved plants do not need soil. 

What is a Preserved Plant ?

First, Totally natural plants and flowers are harvested in their prime to capture the most vibrant look. And then preserved by replacing their sap with a glycerin-based stabilizing solution.

Afterward, the `Preserved Plants & Flowers` retain their original color, form and softness for many years.

A unique concept

FlowerBox, Originating in France and inspired by the vertical wall gardens of botanist Patrick Blanc. Flowerbox brings the natural beauty of the outdoors to the walls of your home or office. Our Wall Gardens are custom-made at our New Jersey workshop for homes and businesses, and generate credits for LEED-certified buildings. The gardens are mounted on top-grade fire-retardant fiberboard, made in the U.S., and installed by certified FlowerBox technicians.

This eco- friendly concept, patented worldwide, was awarded a silver medal at the 34th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva.


FlowerBox offers wall gardens and preserved flowers. Our wall gardens and flowers are currently available in 29 countries worldwide with more than 200 galleries Europe alone. Visit our store to get your flowers today! Use our contact form or call us to learn more about our wall gardens.

We are a creative team who advocate innovative approaches to the concept of ‘Form and Function’ within the Interior design field. We commit to portray and adapt ideas of exquisite nature into your home and business. We believe in philosophy of the refinement of living art and use recyclable materials to be environmentally responsible. Our customers are our most valuable designers as we aim to awaken the Artist Within. Our natural and affordable products and services reflect our green ideology.




Green Step and Repeat

Green Step and Repeat offers superior quality, handcrafted, step and repeat wall gardens featuring a variety of flora, botanical materials and plants. From fashion to corporate events, weddings, private parties and non-profit fundraisers, ​Green Step and Repeat ​brings a distinctive green ambiance to any fiction.

We use live, preserved and artificial plants imported from Europe with a FlowerBox quality guarantee. Concept and assembling takes place at our New York / New Jersey headquarters by our experienced FlowerBox designers and technicians.

All plants and signage are attached by hand to ensure high quality results. Our green designs are original, fully customizable and made to order, creating a lasting impression using the beauty of nature.



Wall Gardens

FlowerBox offers wall gardens for decorating your home or office with the natural beauty of the outdoors. Our Wall Gardens are custom-made at our New Jersey workshop for homes and businesses.

Preserved Wall Gardens by FlowerBox


Green Signs

FlowerBox offers Green Signs for decorating your home or office with the natural beauty of outdoors. Our Green Signs are hand-made in our New Jersey workshop.

Green Signs by FlowerBox


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